i was wondering what videos do you use to create your gifs or have you recorded them yourself from your 3ds?

I recorded them from Madoushi’s streams.

I have two questions. One, in the scene where Apollo says he knows that Phoenix is bluffing do they show how he knows? ( I have some kink about that) LOL. Okay and my second do you think you could gif that part?! Thank you!!

I don’t think it was shown? I think by that time, Apollo has known his boss too well that he can immediately sense when he’s bluffing or not (even with the bandages on).


AAA I’M SO sorry for the inactivity… I’ve been pre-occupied with other things, so I kinda neglected managing this blog…
This started out as a spoiler sideblog but it eventually became home to my attempts at making gifs, and I do miss making them haha… it was fun the first few weeks when GS5 came out.

I can’t promise that I’ll be back to being active again though— Like one day I might just surprise you with a post, like this one. I’ll go answer some messages too I’m really sorry for not answering them earlier……

What’s going to happen to this blog? Nothing, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

But still thank you for checking out and following this blog!!

is it ok to use your gifs on our own siders as long as we give credit? ;~;

yes go right ahead!!

I love this blog more than most things thank you omg (but also I click your 'main' link and the webpage doesn't work? I want to get to your main!!)

aah thank you even though i… haven’t been posting a lot lately hhhgkds
i fixed the link so it should work now, but my main is hazakurain u v u


This blog is glorious, thank you for existing

oh, you